A University of Ottawa professor reveals his secrets to getting 99% class participation and improving learning outcomes in the process.

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When Dr. Colin Montpetit, Assistant Professor of Science Education, decided to incorporate a student engagement solution into his large enrollment class with 3 sections of 200 students in each, the results were nothing short of remarkable. In his own words, his course became an “active learning zone” as student participation and classroom interaction soared. As he dug further into the technology’s impact in his classes, he observed increased student engagement and higher grades.

Join Dr. Montpetit for this complimentary Webinar to hear his personal experience, research findings and tried and true teaching tips. You’ll learn:
    • How to make the most of student engagement systems and student devices.
    • Why increased student participation and engagement translates into student success.
    • How adding interactive questions to your digital presentations not only jumpstarts participation, but gives you real-time insight into student comprehension.
Get the full story behind Dr. Montpetit’s stunning findings – how student participation rates grew in his classes, grades improved and failure rates decreased. Register today and you'll also get a free copy of "5 Secrets to Spectacular Student Engagement" ebook!
Who Should Attend:
All are welcome. Those in Academic Technology or Teaching and Learning Centers are highly encouraged to attend.