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Lecture Capture to Serve a Large & Diverse Student Population

May 21, 2015 7:00:00 AM by Fred Krazeise



Today’s edition of 8000 Classrooms takes us to one of the largest regional training providers in Australia, North Coast TAFE. North Coast TAFE, part of TAFE NSW, provides courses and training to more than 45,000 students per year. Its mission is to provide high quality personalized vocational training to build prosperity, sustainability, and innovation.

We sat down with Deb Praden at a video shoot there to chat with her about how North Coast TAFE uses the Echo360 system to support such a large student population.

Tell us about the types of students who enroll at North Coast TAFE.

We have a very broad spectrum of learners. Some learners require a lot of support from us, while others choose to come to North Coast TAFE to further their careers. They may already have a university degree and they wish to add to their repertoire of skills that they obtained through the university by studying with us.

How do you use Echo360 at North Coast TAFE?

We like to use Echo360 in a number of different ways. In my section of Health and Recreation, we’ve developed a number of personal lecture captures and we’ve essentially created a flipped classroom environment. Students are able to go home, look at the learning material online by watching the Echo360 videos that are presented for them. We’ve captured a lot of the critical aspects that we consider important for the learner. They can watch the videos as many times as they like. They then attend class and they are well prepared for what the teacher is going to present to them.

How does watching the videos before class affect the teaching that goes on in the classroom?

Teachers are aware the students have done their prior learning. So, the teacher can concentrate on certain aspects of the learning that’s most important for the student, and apply it to a practical scenario. In our classroom environment our students get lots and lots of practical information, as a lot of the theoretical concepts have already been presented and reviewed by the student using the Echo360 system.

What have your students said about using Echo360?

They have all said how much they enjoy tapping into the videos at home. They don’t have to be on campus every week for every session. They can choose the sessions they attend. It becomes a more flexible delivery for us and also for the student.

North Coast TAFE is one of more than 600 higher education institutions worldwide that uses the Echo360 system. Watch the video to learn how they use Echo360 Lecture Capture to deliver practical instruction across a wide range of vocational courses.



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