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Canvas and Echo360 provide insights into learning

Jan 6, 2016 8:54:40 AM by Fred Krazeise


An invitation to join our webinar, Intervention! Identify At-Risk Students with Predictive Data.

When: Wednesday, January 20, 2016 at 10AM PST / 1PM EST

What if you could prevent your at-risk students from failing or dropping your course? Or take your most engaged and successful students and replicate their success among your other students?

Join Instructure and Echo360 to learn how integrated data sets enrich the teaching and learning process.  Instructure provides the leading cloud-based learning management system focused on course-based activities such as content distribution, assessments, and grading. Echo360 has a unique focus on learning in individual classes within the course, combining student engagement, lecture capture, and behavioral analytics.

Our newly formed partnership creates unlimited possibilities:

  •  Understanding if your students are mastering complex topics
  • Predicting which students will succeed based on their engagement, attendance, study habits and performance
  • Correlating student success with the types of learners in your course

Discover how combined data associated with learning activities create correlations to deliver insights that are not available from any other system or combination of systems.


Dr. Bradley Fordham, Chief Technology Officer, Echo360

Linda Feng, Senior Product Manager, Student Integration Systems and Analytics, Instructure