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Does Your Video Platform Support Teaching and Learning?

Jan 30, 2017 8:01:00 AM by Echo360


Video Platform_EdSurge.pngPhoto Courtesy EdSurge

Video is everywhere these days. From YouTube to streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, we now have on-demand access to our favorite movies, television shows, news, and entertainment.

The same is true for colleges and universities. They are literally awash in video and CIOs are faced with a daunting task of organizing and managing increasing amounts of video on-campus. In his recent article published on EdSurge,   Echo360 CEO Fred Singer writes that “most of the (video) content management and storage solutions are woefully equipped to support teaching and learning.” He goes on to say that “CIOs continue to invest in commercial video platforms that solve for yesterday’s use case—often without a clear picture of how demand (for video) will evolve in the coming years.”

The article goes on to point out the need for video platforms to support academic priorities, tied to advances in instructional design. And perhaps most importantly, video platforms must be able to collect student behavioral data that can inform predictive analytics efforts that support student retention, persistence, and success.

As video becomes the centerpiece for a new education movement, the question remains: Does your video platform support teaching and learning? Read the full article from Echo360  CEO Fred Singer, Future Proofing Your Video: A Cautionary Tale About Obsolescence on EdSurge.