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Managing User Education When Implementing New Technology

Sep 29, 2015 10:50:19 AM by Fred Krazeise

We had many great presentations from customer institutions at our Los Angeles Active Learning Conference last week. Our upcoming Boston Active Learning Conference at Boston University promises more of the same. We have a full line up of speakers across the spectrum of higher education – technology professionals, instructional designers, faculty and administrators. This gives all of our attendees a unique opportunity to network with their peers and to see how other institutions use active learning technology to improve student outcomes.

Here’s one example. Our Boston conference attendees will hear first-hand from Jeff Everhart, Instructional Technology Trainer at Longwood University. In early August Longwood University upgraded a mature and well-used Echo360 platform to the Active Learning Platform. This left faculty, administrators, and technology professionals there with very little time to learn the new system before the start of classes. Change management and training are important keys for success in any technology implementation. In his session, Jeff will outline some of the methods used by Longwood’s instructional technology team to ensure that users and support staff were prepared to navigate this technological change.

If you’d like to learn more about our Boston Active Learning conference, click on the icon to view the conference agenda and register today. Our conferences are free to attend, but space is limited so sign up today!

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