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Using Lecture Capture for Complex Practical Demonstrations

Apr 15, 2015 7:00:00 AM by Fred Krazeise



Today, our 8000 Classrooms series features a conversation with Dr. Ben Morrison. Dr. Morrison is a Lecturer in the School of Physiological Sciences at Navitas.  For the past 2 years, he has used the Echo360 lecture capture and personal capture features in all of the courses he teaches.  He shared his experience during a recent video shoot:

You use Echo360 Lecture Capture during class and Personal Capture outside of the classroom. How does that work?

I use [Personal Capture] in a couple of ways. I use it to demonstrate complex statistical analyses to the students so that they have a reference tool that shows them how to perform these processes. They can actually see my demonstration on the screen. They can then go back and review it. It helps to guide them as they write their own analyses. I also use it as a feedback tool for quizzes and tests. I run a mini-lecture that answers a lot of their {students] most frequently asked questions. They can watch it and get back to me if have other questions

How do your students use the technology?

They use it as a study and review tool, but they’re also using as a method for learning discovery as well. They’re actually watching my demonstrations and then going on their computers to apply what they’ve learned. It is almost as if I’m there [in person] showing them how to run through these very difficult processes. It also supports my role and give these students more time one-to-one.

So, are you able to offer a more personalised learning environment for your students?

I think so. It offers a personalised learning experience because it allows the students to connect with me, the lecturer. In a lot of higher education environments, the lecture is very detached from the large body of students. Echo360 offers that extra connection between lecturer and student.

What other benefits do you think students realise from using the technology?

It gives the student a great deal of flexibility. They don’t have to come to a scheduled lecture. They can watch the lecture at any time and get all of the information presented, slides, videos, and even questions that are asked during the lecture. It’s very convenient for the students.

From my point of view, it allows me to monitor student progress and see which lectures students are engaging with and what content they might be struggling with. It allows me to keep track of where each student is over the course of the entire term, from beginning to end.

Watch our video to see how the leaders at Navitas have built a student-centric program that helps a diverse student population learn at their own pace using Echo360.


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