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[INFOGRAPHIC]: Pick Your Pedagogy for Lecture Capture

Jun 18, 2015 7:00:00 AM by Echo360

We’ve spent two days this week looking at the types of technology capture solutions available – namely software and hardware.  But the debate doesn’t stop there.  Today, we look at what matters most:  Teaching.

Just like matching the right wine to a gourmet meal or the right Instagram filter to a photo of autumn leaves is an art and a science, so is matching the perfect capture solution to your classroom and pedagogy. Let Echo360 help make the decision easier.  Hardware, software, classroom, personal, HD. So many lecture capture choices, so little time.


  • A podium is the extent of your A/V equipment and your budget doesn’t have a line item for “hardware”
  • You need something to accommodate blended course delivery: screen + video, dual video, dual screens—you get the picture(s)
  • You’re sure the instructor will remember to turn the recording on and off (and actually prefers it this way)

Classroom Capture is for you.


  • Your classrooms are slightly smaller than the Dallas Cowboys stadium
  • Instructors like to broadcast live
  • High definition to capture the fine details—think maps, medical imagery—is a must

You’re more of a SafeCapture HD kind of guy or gal.

And if…

  • Homework happens before the lecture
  • Students save up their questions for after class
  • Instructors are always recording content from the field, far away from Internet connections

Personal capture is your best bet.

Finally, if you’re doing distance learning, active learning and reusing content, check all of the above. That’s just how flexible Echo360 is. 

Confused? Check out the handy infographic that prioritizes how you teach, not the technology that supports it.


Pick_Your_Pedagogy_F_jpg Download the Infographic