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Supporting Blended Learning with this 'TRICK'

Jul 3, 2015 7:00:00 AM by Echo360

A blended learning environment takes the best parts of technology-based instruction, face-to-face instruction, and hands-on learning experience and combines them into one classroom. This effective way to teach brings many positive outcomes for instructors and students, boosting learning outcomes while creating a positive learning environment. MindShift recommends that instructors use the acronym TRICK when implementing this model into their classrooms.



Trust is the first component of a blended classroom, and this means trust between students and instructors. Trust requires boundaries and the opportunity to work together.


Trust leads to respect, which instructors must have for their students as well as students for instructors. Instructors who can respect students as individual learners, allowing them to work at their own pace for mastery, will gain the respect of the students in turn while implementing blended learning strategies into the class.


When students are trusted and respected, instructors are more prone to give the students independence to direct their learning. Independence fosters better learning outcomes as students take charge of their education on a personal level. Technology makes independence easier to give. The Echo360 Active Learning Platform offers insight into the minds of students through real-time, in-class responses that can be used to foster independent thinking, questioning, and action.


Working together is foundational when implementing blended learning strategies into the classroom. Using technology tools that foster social learning, students can work with other students more easily, sharing data and lines of questioning both in and out of the question and building on one another's knowledge.


In some ways, kindness is the final result of a classroom where trust, respect, independence and collaboration are all present. Instructors who are kind to students and encourage kind interactions between students will notice greater learning outcomes and a better blended learning environment.

With the help of the Echo360 Active Learning Platform, putting this teaching technique into action is simple. Use the technology and follow this TRICK to see students come out ahead.

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