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The Lecture Goes Mobile: Introducing Our New App

Dec 9, 2016 10:30:00 AM by Bill Holding


Over the past several years, the “smart phone” has become a mainstream solution for students in higher education. Echo360 believes these devices have the potential to become powerful tools for learning, and has been making a significant investment to provide a robust mobile experience for its users. We are pursuing a strategy of developing “native” mobile applications for each mobile OS, as they allow for more control and the ability to deliver a superior user experience over so-called responsive mobile web sites.

As we head towards the close of 2016, Echo360 is now fully emerging as a leader in mobile learning solutions. Following on significant releases over the past few months, today Echo360 users can now access their classes using mobile apps for iOS, Android, and Windows 10 Universal devices. These applications have been released, approved, and are available for download directly from their respective online stores. Echo360 mobile apps support SSO (Single Sign-On), meaning users can enter their existing school login credentials (username/password) and then have seamless access to their classes.

 Current functionality available from Echo360 mobile apps:

  • Login with existing school credentials (SSO)
  • Select specific class/session from list of available courses
  • View video playback of classes in HD or SD quality
  • Switch between multiple video streams (e.g. display, talking head)
  • Review slide presentations
  • View and respond to polling questions & activities
  • Supports Q & A discussion threads
  • Capture and upload video to your own Library
  • Track student attendance and usage

Interestingly, parents may be pleased to know that the recent addition of Windows 10 Universal support now means that students have the ability to review and participate in their classes directly from their Xbox!

Looking ahead, the top priority for Echo360’s mobile roadmap is to complete the handful of remaining features to achieve parity from a capability perspective with its existing web experience. Once this is fully in place, we will continue with our mobile investment to become a truly “mobile first” provider, developing innovative capabilities uniquely available from mobile applications and devices.

 Echo360. Powering learning experiences whenever and wherever the lightbulb goes on.

 Download your mobile app with the icons below.

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