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The Value of Active Learning – Instructor Perspectives

Sep 21, 2015 6:00:00 AM by Fred Krazeise

 Dr. Perry Samson and his "Extreme Weather" students at the University of Michigan

One of our most popular speakers is Dr. Perry Samson, Head of Teaching Innovation, Echo360. Dr. Samson regularly speaks and writes on the topic of innovation in the classroom. In a recent article in Campus Technology, he wrote about the importance of learner analytics. By using the Echo360 Active Learning Platform in his own classroom, he has found a strong relationship between a students’ active participation and outcomes. “I want to be able to look at this data and predict which students I need to worry about,” Samson says.

At our upcoming Active Learning Conference in Los Angeles, Dr. Samson will share his perspective about the value of active learning. In his session, he will show attendees how to elevate the basic PowerPoint presentation. By adding questions to challenge students, instructors can see student responses embedded within existing slide presentations. After class, the instructor receives a rich suite of data about how students behave in class – Are they taking notes? How many notes do they take? Are they asking questions? Have they correctly answered the questions embedded within the PowerPoint presentation?

His presentation illustrates lessons learned at the University of Michigan showing how student participation affects exam scores and how student participation varies as a function of their specific background.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to hear Dr. Samson speak, we invite you to watch the video below.


Dr. Samson will also be speaking at our upcoming Active Learning Conference in Boston. You can view the agenda and we invite you to register by clicking on the Register Now icon below. Our conferences are free to attend, but space is limited so sign up today!

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