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Professor Has a 99% Participation Rate in His Classes

Oct 10, 2014 10:24:32 AM by Echo360


Are you tired of competing with Twitter, Facebook, ESPN, cat videos, or even cat naps in your large lecture classes? One enterprising professor at the University of Ottawa has found a solution to in-class distractions, boasting a 99% participation rate even in classes as large as 600 students!

Dr. Colin Montpetit, Assistant Professor of Faculty of Science, was more than excited to share the story behind his success during a recent webinar.

His secret weapon? Student engagement using LectureTools, a solution that empowers students to answer and ask questions anonymously, using their favorite device. But getting students off social media and participating wasn’t the only positive result of Dr. Montpetit’s use of this student engagement system. Using the handy analytics tools in the platform, he could see exactly how and when they were engaging with his content. 66% of his students were taking notes right next to his slides in the LectureTools platform.

By using LectureTools to add open-ended, multiple choice and image based questions into his presentations; he not only saw a huge increase in student engagement, but also a 60% increase in learning gains.

Check out this cool Genius Map for all the highlights from Dr. Montpetit’s presentation. For the complete story:

Dr. Montpetit will also be posting some guest blogs on tried and true tips for successfully incorporating technology into teaching – be on the lookout in the coming months!

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