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North Coast TAFE: Using Video to Support All Learning Styles

Jun 22, 2015 6:00:00 PM by Echo360



North Coast TAFE teaches a broad spectrum of students, both on and off campus, across seventeen campuses up and down the coast of New South Wales. An award-winning vocational training provider, the institution has implemented Echo360 to help facilitate flexible, active learning across a wide array of disciplines.

Many of the courses of study revolve around hands-on practical training and thus, North Coast TAFE students tend to be very visual and kinesthetic learners. Echo360 videos play a big role in enhancing the learning experience for these students, especially when it comes to mastering necessary skills to be work-ready in competitive fields ranging from Health & Beauty to Hospitality.

Yvonne Rose is a Librarian at North Coast TAFE who has extensive experience training staff across the campuses in the use of Echo360 and other technologies. She recognizes the benefits of teaching with video for students with diverse learning styles. 

She observes, “TAFE students tend to be hands-on learners. They like to see practical skills demonstrated. They’re used to that face-to-face, where they see the teacher doing it. But the beauty of Echo360 is that the teacher can record that practical skill. Then those hands-on learners can see the actual practical skill demonstrated for them. And they’re able to, like a YouTube video; relook at it again and again until they can hone their skills in that practical area.”

This innovative use of video also enables the institution to extend education and training to as many students as possible while supporting their unique learning styles. Having the ability to revisit recorded demonstrations or tutorials online 24/7 makes the actual class room experience much more active and engaging for students, as they have more time to practice and discuss what they’ve learned.

Deb Praden, Head Teacher of Health and Recreation, found it easy to record instructional videos for her classes: “I prefer to actually record my content at home. I find it a much more relaxed atmosphere. I can take my time. It’s a nice, quiet space. And I don’t have a lot of interruptions,” she says. “So I can focus on the work that I’m meant to be doing and preparing. I don’t believe it takes a lot of time. I think it’s valuable to know that the students are going to get so much out of it. And they can really easily be uploaded into our Moodle platform.”

According to Praden, the use of Echo360 provides a platform and tools for students to learn at their own pace, giving them the confidence they need to succeed. She said, “By being able to tap into the Echo360 recordings, and looking at the work that the teachers have set in in advance, students just have that additional confidence in their learning.”

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