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Echo360 is launching a new education series, developed to help instructors.

Every month, you can make your job a little easier by learning instructional or administrative best practices directly from an Echo360 power user. These experts will share insights based on their experience, and easy tips to help you use the platform in the most efficient way. The presentations will include various use cases, deployments, disciplines, institution and/or class sizes, to ensure that you will receive information relevant to you.

Join us for as many of our January webinars below as you like and stay tuned for our upcoming February webinars!

Echo360 Instructor Track

Session 4: Tips and Tricks to Engage & Retain Students In Your Math Course

Re-run Date: Wednesday, February 13th 2019 at 12:00pm EDT

Who Should Attend: Instructors, Instructor Assistants and Instructional Support Staff

Length: 45 mins.

In this session, find out how an Echo360 power user leverages polls to engage students and creates short learning videos to ensure they are engaged before, during, and after class. This is perfect for instructors that want to create opportunities for students to participate. Claire Stuve from the University of Toledo will share tips on incorporating the Q&A feed in Echo360 to drive meaningful discussions and allow students to contribute to the conversation. Lastly, you will see the data and analytics proving her efforts lead to increased retention in her introductory math course, and how it integrates with the Learning Management System.

Session 2: Using Echo360 Polling to Engage Students

Original Air Date: Wednesday, January 16th at 2:00pm EDT

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Who Should Attend:
  Instructors, Instructor Assistants and Instructional Support Staff

Length: 1 hour

Are your students paying attention in class? When you ask the class a question is there an awkward silence? How do you know what the students don’t know? Do you want immediate feedback on understanding of concepts?  Energize your presentations while engaging students with Echo360 polling activities and get immediate feedback on their comprehension.  In this session, you’ll learn about the types of polls you can create, how to add them to your existing or new presentations, and how to launch polls during or outside of class. After you have mastered delivery and engaging students with Echo360, we’ll cover the student perspective You’ll have your students participating in your lecture instead of socializing on off Facebook in no time!

What’s New: Learn how peer institutions are using engagement to increase learning and retention rates.  You’ll review best practices from the University of Massachusetts - Boston that supports rapid increase in student retention after incorporating engagement tools for low stakes testing.


Session 3: Monitor Student Performance with the New Echo360 Analytics Page

Original Air Date: Friday, January 11, 2019 at 2:00pm EDT

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Who Should Attend: Instructors, Instructor Assistants and Instructional Support Staff

Length: 1 hour

In this session, you get an overview of new Echo360 analytics, and find out how to configure your course settings to create reporting based on the way you expect students to participate.  Learn how to correlate engagement data with grades in the LMS to track if students are improving. Discover how to identify struggling students who may need remediation as early as the first class.

Session 1: Enhance Your Course with Video in the New Echo360 Library

Original Air Date: Monday, January 7th, 2019 at 2:00pm EDT

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Who Should Attend: Instructors, Instructor Assistants and Instructional Support Staff

Length: 1 hour

In this session, you’ll learn how to create supplemental learning videos using Universal Capture, the necessary steps to record your classes this semester, use the mobile app, and upload video from external content sources.

Then, you’ll discover how to manage, edit and share your videos with others from the brand new Echo360 personal library. Perfect for instructors who are flipping the class, creating assignments, teaching with traditional lectures, or trying to create additional resources to help with student remediation.

What’s New: If you’ve viewed our previous webinar series don’t worry, you can still attend! We’ve prepared all new content to highlight a variety of use cases to make this a meaningful and informative learning experience. 



Who will be presenting? 


Chelsea Jenkins, Senior Training and Development Specialist began her career in higher education technology with the original LectureTools team in Ann Arbor five years ago.  After the acquisition of LectureTools by Echo360, Chelsea is now responsible for training and implementation services, and the development of user education content.  She has conducted trainings for a plethora of Echo360 clients, including the University of Cincinnati, The University of Toledo and the University of Michigan.

Chelsea received her B.A from the University of Michigan in English and Communications. In addition to her technical experience, she has a background in broadcasting and video production. When she is not trying to revolutionize the teaching and learning experience for institutions around the world, she enjoys cooking and traveling.

Dr Claire Stuve

Claire Stuve, Curriculum Developer and Technology Researcher, University of Toledo's responsibilities include developing research based curriculum that incorporates emerging technologies and evaluating data on newly-created and redeveloped courses. Claire’s research interests include using technology to foster engagement and applying the principles of quality course design. She is a Quality Matters Certified Master Reviewer and is an adjunct instructor in The Department of Mathematics & Statistics.