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Professor Parama Chaudhury, Director of the Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics at the University College London, identified 5 key elements that she believes will persist beyond the pandemic. Inspired by her, Echo360 has taken those five elements and asked members of our community to share their teaching practices and ideas, creating a series of five webinars over the next few months.

Who Should Attend?
For instructors and leaders in the Higher Education and Vocational sector, featuring academic leaders from around the world.

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Session 1: More Options for Engaging and Assessing Students
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Wednesday, 28 July at 9:00 AM AWST (11:00 AM AEST and 1:00 PM NZST)
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Presented By:
Meret Burke, Chair of Communications and Language, Wilkes Community College

“Having a broad selection of question styles makes encouraging interaction much easier, particularly with very large groups.”
       -Parama Chaudhury
Teacher Sharing

Meret Burke will discuss how she uses polling for both synchronous and asynchronous formative assessment, and focus on why she uses short, three-minute videos for asynchronous feedback. Click here to read how Meret Burke uses Echo360 to enhance this element in her teaching.

Session 2: Make Student Outcomes the Driver for Innovation

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Wednesday, 11 August at 9:00 AM AWST (11:00 AM AEST and 1:00 PM NZST)
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Presented By:

  • Mark Smithers, Associate Dean eLearning and Innovation at Collarts/Macleay College,
  • Patrick Stoddart, Senior Manager, Academic Systems & Digital Experience at The University of Melbourne
University - Pat and Mark“Technology needs to facilitate what you’re doing so the tools you choose should be determined by what you’re trying to achieve, what you’re comfortable with and what your students are comfortable using.”
       -Parama Chaudhury

This webinar will offer two perspectives on making technology choices that support innovation in traditional, hybrid and online learning and teaching.

Session 3: Focus on Flexibility

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Wednesday, 1 September at 9:00 AM AWST (11:00 AM AEST and 1:00 PM NZST)
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Presented By: 
Holly Hapke, Senior Marketing Lecturer, University of Kentucky

Laptop with everything - Holly“Providing a mix of synchronous and asynchronous teaching offers students the flexibility they need to continue with their studies, whether they are working, juggling family commitments, or learning remotely from overseas.”
       -Parama Chaudhury

Holly Hapke has a class of 800 students and created a model she calls ‘3 in 1’ that offers students the choice to attend her classes synchronously online or in person as well as asynchronously. She will discuss how she manages engagement for these classes as well as how she uses the Echo360 analytics.

Session 4: Supporting Wider Accessibility

Wednesday, 22 September at 9:00 AM AWST (11:00 AM AEST and 1:00 PM NZST)
Presented By: 

  • Callan Rose, Senior Educational Development Advisor, The University of Western Australia
  • Callum Corkill, Accessibility Technologist, UniAccess, The University of Western Australia
  • Hayley Hutchison, Manager, UniAccess, The University of Western Australia

Student 3 - UWA

“We can use technology to make the learning environment much more inclusive for a wider variety of students, including those who have medical issues, caring responsibilities or are juggling study time with other commitments.”
       -Parama Chaudhury

Presenters from The University of Western Australia will discuss the topic of supporting wider accessibility, focusing on the broad subject of universal design as well as how institutions should accommodate students with accessibility needs. 

Session 5: Prioritising Ease of Use

Thursday, 7 October at 9:00 AM AWST (Midday AEDT and 2:00 PM NZDT)
Presented By: 
Dr. Bill Baker, Sarah Kirk, and Marcie Connnor

Laptop 1 - LMS“Students, like most of us, don’t want to have to go into multiple portals so the fact that Echo360 integrates with Moodle and Zoom means my students can use it without going from place to place. They’re very familiar with it and know exactly how it works.”
       -Parama Chaudhury

  • Dr Bill Baker, Senior Lecturer in Music and Visual Arts Education at the University of Tasmania, will talk about how his students create video content as part of their studies;
  • Sarah Kirk, Academic Advisor eLearning at Unitec Institute of Technology, will talk about how she uses video to support professional development for teaching staff;
  • Marcie Connor, Coordinator for Animal Studies (Veterinary Nursing) and RSPCA at Box Hill Institute, will talk about how she uses video as learning objects inside the LMS.