Education Webinar 2020

Welcome Back, Friend!

Echo360 is dedicated to supporting you and your campus community during this difficult time. The Education Webinar Series is a part of our continued effort to support you and your campus community during this difficult time. A few of our Echo360 power users have kindly offered to help show you how they're using Echo360 for online learning, flipped learning, and much more.

Session 2: Improving Student Engagement in Introductory Courses—Challenges and Opportunities in Times of COVID-19

Thursday, April 16th at 12:00 PM EDT

Who Should Attend: Instructors, Instructor Assistants and Instructional Support Staff

Length: 1 hour

Presenter: Dr. Ivan Ivanov

The Coronavirus has spurred many changes within higher education. The rapid transition to remote instruction due to the pandemic only compounds the challenges already present with large introductory classes. Learn how Dr. Ivanov, from the University of Cincinnati, is overcoming these challenges by using the Echo360 student engagement tools to significantly improve drop, fail, and withdraw (DFW) rate and student performance on exams. This webinar will demonstrate best practices on using Echo360 when transitioning from face-to-face to remote instruction, such as creating workflows and utilizing analytics during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Session 3: How to Use Echo360 to Teach Film and Television Studies

Thursday, May 12th at 12:00 PM EDT

Who Should Attend: Instructors, Instructor Assistants and Instructional Support Staff

Length: 1 hour

Presenter: Walter Metz

Walter Metz will demonstrate how he uses Echo360 to teach film and television studies. His courses rely on building historical, theoretical, and sociological frameworks for understanding and criticizing media images. These methods are presented in readings and powerpoint lectures. Metz uploads powerpoint files to Echo360, and embeds questions to which students respond using the "Activities" feature of the system.



Session 1: Effective Social Learning Environments for Large Online Courses

ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Tuesday, March 31st at 12:00 PM EDT

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Who Should Attend: Instructors, Instructor Assistants and Instructional Support Staff

Length: 1 hour

Presenter: Heather Bliss

Social learning environments are keys to successful learning for many students, however social environments in online courses are more difficult to manage. Many attempts at discussions fall flat or do not fully take the place of social learning. In this study, online student users in a large upper level course are encouraged and required to maintain social relationships and interaction for their grades. This study will employ the Social Contexts and Learning Environments (SCALE) scale which has been adapted to online sets of groups to measure the student's perception of social learning and connectedness to peers and their instructor. This study also includes the use of acquisition grading and assessment grading. The primary purpose of this webinar is to showcase the course design and student interaction.

Meet Your Presenters:

IvanIvan Dinev Ivanov, Associate Professor—Educator and Department of Political Science, University of Cincinnati
Ivan Dinev Ivanov teaches at the University of Cincinnati. His primary areas of teaching and research interests are international relations with focus on international security, inter-organizational cooperation, European and NATO politics. His book “Transforming NATO: New Allies, Missions, and Capabilities” was published by Lexington Books/ Rowman & Littlefield, 2011 paperback 2013; Chinese edition 2014). He has also published articles and chapters dealing with European security, NATO politics, inter-organizational cooperation and interactive simulations. His most recent article “The Use of Interactive Student Response Software in an Introductory International Relations Course” was published by the Journal of Political Science Education (December 2019) and can be accessed here. 

metz photo-4Walter Metz, Professor in the Department of Cinema and Photography, Southern Illinois University
Walter Metz is a Professor in the Department of Cinema and Photography at Southern Illinois University. He holds a Ph.D. in Radio-Television-Film from the University of Texas at Austin, an M.A. in Communication Studies from the University of Iowa, and two S.B. degrees, in Materials Science and the Humanities, from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is the author of three books: Engaging Film Criticism: Film History and Contemporary American Cinema (2004), Bewitched (2007), and Gilligan’s Island (2012). His research centers on the ekphrastic relationships between film, television, novels, short stories, and theatre. He runs a website devoted to re-inventing film criticism. 

Bliss, PhD. Candidate, University of Mississippi 
Heather Bliss is a PhD Candidate in the Experimental Psychology Program at the University of Mississippi. Her main research interests are in the field of applied cognitive psychology, memory, and instructional technologies.